Presence monitoring of glass tubes in medical samples


Tubes with medical samples must be detected in a slide-in rack. The transparent clear-glass tubes are filled with a liquid (ranging form transparent to dark red); they could, however, also be empty. The sensor must reliably detect whether a tube is present in the rack in all cases.


The HRTR 3B diffuse reflection light scanner with background suppression is used. With this sensor, the system knows whether a test tube is present. The scanner signal is used to activate a bar code reader. If the bar code reader is then not able to detect a bar code, it outputs a "no read" signal. The operating personnel must then check the position of the tube and correct it if necessary.

Toegepaste producten

  • Branche/vakgebied

    Laboratory Automation (sample processing)

  • Taakomschrijving

    Presence inspection

  • Applicatie

    Presence monitoring of glass tubes in medical samples