Sensor solutions for machine tools

Today, machine tools and their integrated sensors require accuracy and reliability more than ever. As a result of increasing digitization, however, networking and, thus, the sensors integrated in the systems, are becoming more and more important.


"For a while now, sensors are not only a matter of process control – but also the ability to use them to link processes together."

Michael Scalet, Industry Manager Machine Tools

As part of Industry 4.0 and with the increasing level of automation in industrial production, the traceability of work pieces and the processing steps will become increasingly important. Without intelligent and smart sensors, that is not possible. With such sensors, processes become transparent and data can be made available globally through modern cloud solutions for maintenance or monitoring tasks. Whether optical distance sensors, measuring light curtains, or the DCR 200i camera-based bar code reader – many of our products already offer interfaces for intelligent fieldbus systems, such as IO-Link or Ethernet, making them 4.0-ready.

Machine tools and automation systems

Production of the future is characterized by flexible structures. From the individual machine tools to a production cell or a fully networked production system of a smart factory. What all have in common are the automated and linked processes in and between the cells. This improves productivity, allows for a more efficient use of materials and enables higher product quality. For a while now, sensors are, thus, not only a matter of process control – today they are above all needed for linking processes together.

Maximum system availability and certified quality standards

Our sensors support you in all areas of automation, quality assurance, traceability and machine safety. They are characterized by easy handling during commissioning and exchange. With sophisticated functions, intelligent devices ensure smooth production and material provision. The long-term quality as well as the availability of the sensors are guaranteed. Our products thereby help to ensure and maintain the high availability of the system.

Safety without compromise

The advance of automation gives rise to new requirements with regard to the safety of persons and machines. Through our specific application know-how and more than 30 years of experience in the area of machine safety, we offer unique insight into safety-related applications. With our safety product range consisting of high-quality products, intelligent systems as well as competent technical services, we provide you with targeted answers.

Areas of application and product highlights

Hydraulic and eccentric presses

Sensor solutions for hydraulic and eccentric presses

Hydraulic and eccentric presses are used for the entire spectrum of metal forming. When forming sheet metal plates with manually operated presses, it is important to reliably protect the operator against injuries. In addition to operation that is optimized for safety at work, e.g., through mandatory two-handed operation, the safety devices must be designed so that they cannot be circumvented. To meet the requirements specified by EN 692/693, the sequence of press movements for mechanical and hydraulic presses must be monitored by a safety control. Our sensor and control solutions can be intelligently incorporated into the machines' processes, reliably secure them, and render them tamperproof.


  1. Point of operation guarding / MLC 500
  2. Point of operation guarding with protection against reaching under / MLC 500 Host / Guest
  3. Point of operation guarding / MLC 500 V-model
  4. Monitoring of the closing state of doors / S and MC / RD series
  5. Integration of safety sensors / MSI 400
  6. Monitoring the press procedure / MSI 400 F50 models
  7. Programming the control / MSI.designer

Punching machines and laser-cutting machines

Sensor solutions for punching machines and laser-cutting machines

Punching machines and laser-cutting machines separate very quickly and precisely smaller parts from large sheet metal plates. When processing sheet metal plates with punch presses or with laser cutting, safety at work plays an important role, as work is performed with high pressure and high-energy laser beams. In addition, the sensor system used must be able to detect very small stamping parts to ensure a fault-free production process. Our sensor solutions reliably and flexibly safeguard endangered areas and minimize the influence on the workflows. Moreover, sensors check for tool availability, prevent collisions, and monitor the ejection.

  1. Access guarding, one side / MLD 500
  2. Access guarding, multiple sides / MLD 500
  3. Ejection monitoring / CSR
  4. Monitoring of container filling levels / CSR / CSL
  5. Presence control of the tool in the punching head / LV and KF
  6. Collision avoidance of metal sheet with machine / ODSL 9 / HT46C
  7. Visual monitoring of the rear machine compartment / LCAM 408i

Tube and wire bending machines

Sensor solutions for tube and wire bending machines

Tube and wire bending machines bend and cut round material. Because these machines process materials of various lengths, the area guarding at the bending head of the machines must be adaptable to different dimensions. Also important is reliable presence control of the material – regardless of the surface characteristics. Our easy-to-configure laser scanners facilitate fast configuration of different-sized protective fields and are very resistant to particles that may separate from the material during the machining process, for example. The optical sensors can reliably detect a wide range of surfaces as they operate largely reflection-independent.

  1. Safeguarding the bending area / RSL 400
  2. Monitoring the closing state of the protection hood / MC 300 / RD 800
  3. Integration of safety sensors / MSI 400
  4. Presence control / IS series
  5. Presence control / 46C series

Machining centers

Sensor solutions for machining centers

In machining centers, objects of various materials are machined, turned, and drilled. The prerequisite for processing work pieces in complex machining centers with a high degree of precision is having the right tool available for each work step. In addition to checking whether the tool is present and identifying it, the drill or milling cutter must also be monitored for tool breakage. Our camera-based code reader clearly detect whether the right tool is used for the given processing step and our focused laser photoelectric sensors can – thanks to their very small light spot – reliably check whether even the smallest drills or milling cutters are intact.

  1. Presence control / IS series
  2. Testing for tool breakage / BKL 706
  3. Tool identification / DCR 200i
  4. Visual monitoring of the machine compartment / LCAM 408i
  5. Point of operation guarding / MLCS 520

Hydraulic press brakes

Sensor solutions for hydraulic press brakes

In hydraulic press brakes, bending presses or bending machines, a wide range of sheet metal parts are produced through bending. The extreme forces that are necessary at times and the large dimensions of the produced parts require various safety measures. With our robust safety light curtains, we are able to safeguard dangerous areas as needed. The large variety of light curtains available ensures that tailor-made solutions can be provided for the most varied of requirements. Modern and highly flexible blanking functions make it possible to adapt to different work pieces and make them safe, yet efficient to use.

  1. Point of operation guarding / protection against reaching under / MLC 500
  2. Access guarding at rear of machine / MLC 500 / MLD 500
  3. Integration of safety sensors / MSI series

Metal sawing machines

Sensor solutions for metal sawing machines

Metal sawing machines cut though tubes or solid material by machining. To prevent unplanned downtimes, ongoing checks must be performed during the cutting process to ensure that sufficient production material is available. This is not always easy, especially for round material, which is often highly reflective. In setup mode, it must also be ensured that the saw cannot start up, so as to reliably protect the operator from serious injuries. Our switching sensors also reliably detect materials with different surface structures, thereby also enabling high feed and cutting speeds and, thus, high machine throughputs. Intelligently placed roller switches also ensure that the machine cannot start up during setup and maintenance.

Sheet feeders

Sensor solutions for sheet feeders

Using sheet feeders, the sheet metal unwound from a coil is fed to a cutting machine or press. At the start of the unrolling process, the material must be quickly and unambiguously identified. During the unrolling process, the sheet metal must then be inspected for uniform unrolling to ensure precise further processing during cutting. At the end of a sheet metal coil, it must be changed as quickly as possible, so that downtime can be kept to a minimum. Our switching sensors reliably detect the end of the coil and, by means of loop and edge control, our measuring sensors enable a smooth process sequence when feeding in sheet metal.

The working range of robots

Sensor solutions for robot work areas

Industrial robots are often used for automated loading and unloading of machine tools. In so-called robot cells, numerous swivel and gripping movements are performed in a very short period of time. These zones must be reliably protected against access over a large area. Before the robot picks up a part, the part must be uniquely identified to ensure that the correct processing step is carried out. Our laser scanners reliably monitor large danger zones around robot cells. Modern code readers are easy to configure and are characterized by a high reading performance. This ensures that the correct work piece is passed on to the next work step.

  1. Area guarding / RSL 400
  2. Access guarding / MLD 500
  3. Identification of model, batch, serial number / DCR 200i
  4. Presence control / IS / LV and KF series

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