Safety Services

Machine Safety Services

Sustainable machine safety begins with professional planning of the safety systems and spans the entire lifecycle of a machine.<br/> <br/> Our teams of experienced and certified experts offer the appropriate support here.

Our safety-related services

Each phase of the machine life cycle places specific requirements on machine safety. Our services offer tailored support for manufacturers, integrators and operating companies for the respective required measures.

Manufacturer / integrator

As a manufacturer or integrator, you are responsible for the safe design of the machine according to the applicable laws, standards and regulations.
Also applicable in Europe is the machinery directive with CE marking.

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Operating company

As an operating company, you are responsible for the safety of your machines. We provide you with support during the regular hazard assessment and test the function of the protective devices.

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During the modification of machines, a risk assessment must be performed to determine whether new hazards or increased risks arise. In Europe, another conformity assessment must be performed in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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Adherence to laws and regulations related to machine safety is a management task that often goes beyond the capacities within a company both with respect to personnel as well as financially. The design and continuous updating of knowledge in the area of safety at work are complex and because of constant changes to the national and international legal environment, dealing with standards and regulations is not a straightforward matter.
Our certified experts support you during this management task. Efficient safety-related solutions for the given application case are thereby created together.


Our range of consulting services supports you in complying with laws and regulations related to machine safety. Our employees are certified by external agencies and are always up to date with the current state of the art through regular training.

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Development support

With our many years of application experience, we support you in developing and implementing the respective, optimum safety concept for your machine and during the fast and safe commissioning.

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Measuring and testing

Regular testing of the protective devices ensures compliance with the required safety and quality standards. Our experienced service technicians support you on-site with these tasks.

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