Everything relating to configuration of our IO‑Link devices

With the configuration software from Leuze, it is easy to establish a connection to our sensors. Parameterization, configuration or diagnosis of sensors and safety control becomes child's play. As a result, projects can be designed quickly and easily. We have all you need for configuration, visualization and programming. Find out more about our software tools!

Free IO‑Link function modules for Siemens and Beckhoff

The IO-Link function modules from Leuze simplify the integration of IO-Link device data into PLC programs. This makes reading and writing device parameters much easier and also minimizes the time and effort required by the user for development.

Advantages for you:

  • Use of an extensively tested module saves time and avoids errors during the integration of IO-Link sensors
  • Searching for parameter indexes, data types or process data structures in product documents becomes a thing of the past
  • Process data parser function enables easy access to individual elements of the process data

For all of our IO-Link products, you can download the matching function module free of charge in the Downloads tab. 

IO-Link Device Descriptions (IODD)

Here, you can find device descriptions for your engineering tool. Use this to easily configure and start-up our IO-Link sensors.

The download file is a ZIP file that contains the actual IODD together with corresponding graphic files in compressed form. After importing into your engineering tool, the sensor functions can be visualized and programmed.

Sensor Studio

Here, you will find stand-alone configuration software that can be used to configure, test and start-up any IO-Link sensor, even without PLC or engineering tool.
In the following download area, you will find the IO-Link Device Collection file, which contains all device descriptions for the Sensor Studio. The file always contains the descriptions of all currently available IO-Link devices and is updated with every sales launch of a new Leuze IO-Link device.


The download file is a ZIP file that contains all files necessary for installation in compressed form.

Extract all files to your hard drive and start file setup.exe. Following successful installation, all IO-Link sensors from Leuze electronic can be configured.

Prerequisite: USB master