2.2.2 Formulation process of a harmonized standard

So-called technical committees and working groups below them, which recruit primarily from national standardization bodies and, in part, from employees of manufacturers in the area of machine construction and sensor systems, work on the creation of standards in the area of machine safety in the CEN and CENELEC standards organizations. An approval process is performed at the end of this work in which the members of the CEN, including Switzerland, can, according to a quota system, decide for or against the approval of a standard as a harmonized European standard.

A total of 29 states participate in this process. With the publication of a harmonized European safety standard in the EU Official Journal, the aptly-named presumption of conformity applies, i.e., by satisfying the protective objectives of this standard, it is assumed that conformity with the corresponding directive is ensured for this safety aspect.

Member State Votes
France 29
Germany 29
Great Britain 29
Italy 29
Spain 27
Poland 27
Romania 14
The Netherlands 13
Greece 12
Czech Republic 12
Belgium 12
Hungary 12
Portugal 12
Sweden 10
Austria 10
Switzerland* 10
Bulgaria 10
Slovakia 7
Denmark 7
Finland 7
Norway* 7
Ireland 7
Lithuania 7
Latvia 4
Slovenia 4
Estonia 4
Cyprus 4
Luxembourg 4
Malta 3
Iceland* 3
*) EFTA States

Table 2.2.2-1: Weighting of votes when voting on a harmonized EN standard

An EN standard is harmonized with a simple majority and at least 71% of the weighted votes.