Step 2: Select type of optoelectronic protective device and protective function

Depends on:

  • Specifications of regional or machine-specific regulations
  • Geometric dimensions of the area to be protected
  • The protective function to be performed (e.g. machine stop with hand or finger detection)
  • Ergonomic factors (ease of operation, manual cyclical insertion of parts, yes/no)
  • Accessibility of danger zones: process-conditional, maintenance-conditional
  • economical criteria

The suitable optoelectronic protective device must be selected on the basis of the above information (see table).

  Protective function Application Leuze electronic products

Machine stop with hand or finger detection With small operator distance to the danger zone, e.g. with feeding-in work at a press Safety light curtains, safety laser scanners (-E model)

Machine stop with detection of person accessing the danger zone With accessible danger zones and bigger distance to the danger zone Single light beam and multiple light beam safety devices, safety laser scanners (‑E model), safety switches and safety locking devices (in combination with hard guards)

Machine stop with detection of person accessing the danger zone and prevention of the restart with constant presence detection Safeguarding danger zone at (accessible) feeding-in areas of machines or guarding driveways on automated guided vehicles Safety laser scanners
Safety light curtains (mounted at an incline or horizontally)
Light curtains in host/guest configuration