Safety light curtains, parallel approach

S = 1600 * T + C

T is the sum of the reaction time of the AOPD, safety interface and the stopping time of the machine

C = 1200 - 0.4 * H; Cmin = 850 mm

H is the height of protective field above reference plane
Hmin =15 * (d - 50 mm); Hmax = 1000 mm;
Heights > 300 mm are considered to be possible for an adult to crawl under.

Calculation of the required d for a known height of the protective field:
d = H / 15 + 50 mm

d is the detection capability of the AOPD in mm.

50 ≤ d ≤ 116 mm

Step 1: Calculation of C
Enter either H or d.
d (mm)
H (mm)
C (mm)
Step 2: Calculation of S
Enter T.
T (s)
S (mm)
Please use a decimal point to separate the whole number from the decimal values.