RSL 400 safety laser scanner

Innovations successfully combined

The innovative RSL 400 safety laser scanners are characterized by their performance, robustness and easy handling. Thanks to its high operating range of 8.25 m and a scanning angle of 270°, it can monitor even large areas. Together with two protective functions, one RSL 400 is able to perform tasks that previously required two scanners.

Advantages for you

  • Always the right solution:
    Operating ranges of 3 m to 8.25 m and various function variants offer tailor‑made solutions for your applications
  • Navigation of AGVs:
    The high-quality measurement data output with a resolution of 0.1° delivers the data needed for reliable AGV navigation
  • PROFIsafe integration:
    Simple integration into industrial networks by using variants with PROFIsafe / PROFINET interface
  • Easy handling:
    By means of removable connection unit, integrated display and integrated level


Guarding of hazardous areas


The hazardous working range of the machine is to be guarded against entry by and the presence of persons. The contour of the monitored area is to be adapted to the contour of the machine.


The RSL 400 safety laser scanners use configurable protective fields for area monitoring. Thanks to the 8.25 m operating range and 270° scanning range, large areas can be guarded with just one device.

Restart protection and monitoring of hidden areas


To prevent danger, the process is not permitted to restart until it has been ensured that no persons are in the work area or in the hidden area.


The RSL 400 safety laser scanners monitor the presence of persons with a configurable protective field. The device is connected via the I/O interface or – for integration in industrial Ethernet networks – via the PROFIsafe/PROFINET interface.

Guarding and navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs)


The transportation path of the AGV must be guarded by means of safety sensors. The protective fields are to be flexibly adapted to the movement and loading situation. If the principle of natural navigation is used, the device is at the same time to provide the measurement data for the navigation software.


The RSL 400 safety laser scanner merges safety technology and high-quality measurement value output in a single device. It has a scanning range of 270° and 100 reversible field pairs. Two scanners therefore provide optimum guarding of the AGV. The measurement data has a high angular resolution of 0.1° and a low measurement error.

Access guarding using sensors outside of working range


Access to dangerous areas by persons and vehicles is to be monitored using safety sensor technology. The sensors must not hinder free movement within the working range. 


The RSL 400 safety laser scanner is installed above the access area and the protective field is aligned vertically. This ensures that the working range is not restricted. By using two safety functions working in parallel, one RSL 400 can monitor two stations simultaneously and independently from each other.

Unique technology for robust operation

With the RSL 400, the entire transmitting/receiving system rotates creating an especially narrow and uniform laser spot over the entire scanning range. This provides the devices with a high angular resolution of 0.1°, making them very adept at filtering objects that are not safety-relevant, such as dust and particles in the air. 

Efficiently monitored

With the 270° scanning angle and operating range of up to 8.25 m, the RSL 400 can safeguarding even large areas with just one device. The 2-in-1 solution makes the devices even more efficient: by means of 2 independent protective functions, each with its own safety output, the RSL 400 performs the tasks of two devices. 

Easy handling

Removable connection unit

The connection unit of the RSL 400 is removable and can be mounted separately. The scanning head thus remains protected and can simply be attached afterwards.

Fast device exchange: It takes less than 30 seconds to swap out the scanner: turn two screws by 90° and replace the scanner head. Without realignment, readjusting and configuration effort, as the configuration memory is integrated in the connection unit.

Three communication options

Suitable access is always guaranteed with three means of communication for configuration and diagnosis. In addition, all RSL 400 models are already network-capable thanks to the standard Ethernet-TCP/IP interface, e.g. for diagnosis via central access points.

  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • USB (from RSL 420)
  • Bluetooth

Integrated display

The large characters on the integrated display are easily visible even from a distance. Various functions and messages are thereby always in view.

  • The built-in electronic spirit level allows for quick alignment of the device
  • Output of messages and details on protective field violations
  • Call up the signature (CRC checksum) without PC

Particularly easy

Integration is particularly easy with the RSL 410, using an 8-pin M12 connector. 

Connector or cable

Connection units for the RSL 420 to 445 models are available with plugs or cables in selectable lengths. 

200 configurable fields

100 reversible field pairs or 50 reversible 4-field sets offer optimum adaptation to various movement conditions, e.g., with AGVs or robots. With its two parallel protective functions, the RSL 400 works like two devices in one, or it can provide an additional, upstream protective field. In the PROFIsafe version, the RSL 400 monitors even four protective fields simultaneously.

100 reversible field pairs:
1 protective field + 1 warning field

10 reversible 4-field sets:
1 protective field + 3 warning fields

2 x 10 field pairs, independently reversible:
1 protective field + 1 warning field each


50 reversible 4-field sets:
2 protective fields + 2 warning fields
PROFIsafe: also 4 protective fields

Safe in the network

  • Scanner head with PROFIsafe function, removable connection unit with integrated PROFINET switch
  • For use in star, line and ring topologies 
  • Supports PROFINET Conformance Class C and Isochronous Real Time communication (IRT) 


Replace without network interruption

The 2-port PROFINET switch is integrated in the removable connection unit. The network functions are retained without interruption even if the scanner is replaced.

PROFINET connection with M12 connections 

  • PROFINET connection unit with industrial M12 connectors for 2-port switch and voltage supply
  • Model 4x M12 with additional output for the voltage supply of multiple devices in series connection 

PROFINET connection, AIDA-compliant 

  • AIDA-compliant PROFINET connection unit with push-pull connectors
  • Network connection via copper or fiber optic cable

Data output for AGV navigation software

In addition to first-class safety technology, the RSL 400 is also equipped with high-quality measurement value output for AGV navigation software. The high angular resolution of 0.1 degrees makes the scanner particularly suitable for applications in the areas of natural navigation and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping). The small measurement error and high quality of the data is achieved through the narrow laser spot that maintains its perpendicular shape over the entire scanning angle.

Reliable distance values

Whether reflector or a black wall - the RSL 400 provides unique distance values that are not influenced by the reflectance of the object. The measurement range can reach up to 50 meters.

Signal strength for reflector detection

The RSL 400 transmits the received signal strength value with every beam. The navigation software can thus independently and reliably identify reflectors. The signal strength increases significantly when beams hit a reflector.

Quick and easy to configure

The Sensor Studio configuration and diagnostic software makes it easy to configure and commission the RSL 400. The parameters are depicted in an easy-to-understand and graphical form.

  • The configuration software guides you through all important settings in only 5 steps
  • Quick and easy: first all settings are made – then the entire configuration is loaded onto the RSL 400 with one click
  • Single parameters can be individually adjusted at any time
  • User interface in nine languages with context-sensitive online help
  • Simulation of protective field switchover
  • Connection to laser scanner via Ethernet point-to-point, Ethernet network, USB or Bluetooth
  • Individual and project view of all RSL 400 in a network

Intuitive and precise user interface 

  • Simple design and adaptation of the protective fields through different drawing functions

  • Import/export for editing corner point coordinates in Excel 

  • Quick and precise online presentation of the scan contour

  • All settings are saved in a PDF file for documentation 

Event log with tabular and graphical representation 

  • For local and temporal analysis of events, e.g. whether protective field violations have always occurred at the same location

  • Selection of the time range via slider 

Extensive comfort functions

  • Automatically generated protective field suggestion with optimal size to the configured danger zone, adapted to boundaries such as walls; only the reaction time of the downstream components needs to be added

  • Protective field suggestion can be transferred to the configuration at the push of a button and adapted if required 

Technical properties

Operating range up to 8.25 m with 270° scanning angle
Safety: Type 3, performance level PL d, SIL 2
Up to 200 configurable fields, as field pairs or 4‑field sets
2 parallel and independent protective functions (I/O models), 4 parallel protective functions in PROFIsafe variations
Configuration and diagnosis via Ethernet TCP/IP, USB (as of RSL 420) and Bluetooth
High‑quality measurement data output of distance value and signal strength with 0.1° angular resolution
Selectable resolution 30/40/50/60/70/150 mm
Easy‑to‑use configuration software in 9 languages with context-sensitive online help



RSL 400 safety laser scanner (PDF, ~3 MB)
Safety at Leuze - Safety product overview (PDF, ~6 MB)