ELC safety light curtains

For a cost-efficient machine design

The ELC 100 safety light curtains focus on the essentials of what matters when safeguarding points of operation. For applications with an operating range of up to six meters, the robust devices are perfect for cost-effective machine designs. And they are very easy to integrate and install.

Advantages for you

  • You receive reliable safety technology of proven quality at an attractive price.
  • The devices can be flexibly integrated in the machine design with little effort.
  • The simple mechanical and electrical design enables quick installation of the devices. No configuration is required.
  • The multi-level alignment display ensures fast and optimum alignment of the devices. No prior knowledge required.
  • The housings are made of metal throughout to ensure reliable operation. Their unique design also makes the ELC100s extremely shock and vibration proof.


Point of operation guarding


The point of operation at a machine or system is to be guarded by an electro-sensitive protective device. The necessary distance between the protective device and point of operation is to be as small as possible. 


The ELC 100 safety light curtains with resolutions of 17 and 30 mm offer reliable finger and hand detection. This allows small safety distances between the safety sensor and the point of operation to be realized

Access guarding with short safety distances


Access to dangerous areas on machines and systems is to be secured with optoelectronic safety sensors.  For a compact system design, the safety sensors are to be installed as close to the dangerous area as possible.


With protective field lengths of up to 1,500 mm, the ELC 100 safety light curtains safeguard access points to machines and systems. The resolutions of 17 and 30 mm for finger and hand detection ensure short safety distances and thereby enable a compact system design.

Point of operation guarding on presses


The points of operation on presses are to be safeguarded by safety light curtains. These must withstand the impacts and continuous vibrations that occur.


The ELC 100 safety light curtains with resolutions of 17 and 30 mm offer reliable finger and hand detection. This allows small safety distances between the safety sensor and the point of operation to be realized. With a shock resistance of 400 m/s2, devices are also designed for operation with constant and intense physical shocks.


Quick and optimal alignment

The multi-level alignment display makes commissioning the devices especially easy. Even rough alignments are reliably displayed. Thanks to the well-visible, bright LEDs, the alignment result can be monitored right from the transmitter. The optimal setup is thus quickly achieved. This saves time and money during commissioning and leaves room for operation.

Always suitably integrated

The ELC100s are easily and flexibly integrated into the machine design. The specially designed housing enables flexible cable routing in all directions. The cable is always optimally routed into the interior of the machine and protected at the same time.

In addition, the protective field extends in both directions to the edge of the housing. As a result, the devices can be mounted flush at the boundaries without any dead zones occurring. No additional safeguarding measures are required.

Easily installed

The swivel function of the robust supports facilitate the quick alignment of the devices. These are mounted right in the grooves provided on both sides of the ELC 100. If no alignment is necessary, such as for applications with short operating ranges, the sliding blocks included in the scope of delivery are used, which reduces costs even further.

Quickly connected

The M12 connector is easily accessible via the cable. The 4-pin version for voltage and OSSDs makes the connection of the devices especially simple. No configuration required, and the connection cables need no shielding. This makes installation simple, fast, and economical.

Robust in operation

The robust housings are made of metal throughout and protect the front screen with their tall side walls. The intelligent beam evaluation with object tracking allows the devices to operate reliably and avoid unnecessary shutdowns, even in demanding environments with chips or sparks.

The optimized design also makes the devices especially resistant to physical shock and vibration. The ELC 100 are, thus, suitable for use on machines that are subject to strong accelerations or vibrations, such as presses.

Technical properties

Safety Type 4, SIL 3, PL e
Protective field length 300 ... 1500mm in 300mm grid
Resolution / operating range 17mm / 3m, 30mm / 6m
Response time 4.5 ... 21 ms
Connection 300 mm cable with M12 connector, 4-pin
Protection class IP 65
Cross section 34.7mm x 39.3mm
Temperature range 0 ... +55°C



Safety at Leuze - Safety product overview (PDF, ~6 MB)