Safety locking devices L100, L200, L250, L300

Safety switches with locking device keep doors locked and thus prevent unauthorized entry or access, thereby protecting persons and processes. The L series features a wide range of variants for different application cases, from devices with mechanical actuators to devices with an RFID‑coded actuator for maximum manipulation protection as well as integrated command buttons. With their robust design, all devices are designed for rough industrial applications.

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Advantages for you

  • Secure locking: With a locking force of up to 9,750 N, doors remain securely locked even under extreme loads
  • Manipulation protection: The RFID‑coded actuators offer optimum protection against manipulation. Special installation measures are not necessary.
  • Fully guarded: Integrated command buttons and emergency stop as well as the matching door handle enable complete safety functions to be easily implemented at safety doors


Monitoring of doors and flaps with locking device, for long stopping times


Areas with hazardous movements can be entered via safety doors to allow maintenance. If the movement does not stop immediately after the door is opened, the door is to be guarded by a safety switch with locking device.


The robust safety switches with locking device of the L series keep safety doors securely locked until access is released by an electric signal. The series includes standard designs, devices with integrated operational controls as well as devices with RFID‑coded actuators.

Monitoring of doors and flaps, with locking device for process protection


When doors or flaps are opened, the process is allowed to stop only at defined positions in order to avoid scrap or maintenance work when the process starts up again. The doors or flaps are to be released only when these positions are reached.


The L series safety switches with locking device keep safety doors locked until the process control sends an electric release signal.


Complete guarding with just one device

The optional command buttons of the L300 safety locking device simplify the setup of safety functions at safety doors. With the integrated buttons for request, reset and emergency stop, the compact device provides a complete solution for the safety system installation at an access door. This simplifies wiring and saves space.

Escape unlocking with panic button

The optional escape unlocking function (panic button) enables the actuator to be unlocked immediately and the door to be opened from inside the danger zone. The ergonomically optimized button allows the operator to then leave the danger zone if he is inadvertently locked inside. The device also functions if the power supply fails.

Designed for reliable operation

The joint at the actuator and the large, chamfered opening on the device minimize the risk of collision between the sensor and actuator and prevents damage even with imprecisely closing doors. The unobstructed opening allows accumulated dirt to be simply pushed out on the rear side. The special design thus guarantees maximum reliability and availability.

Door handle with lockout-tagout

The adjustable door handle, which can be mounted on the right or left, ensures quick and easy installation of the L300 safety locking device on swing doors and sliding gates. The extremely robust metal construction supports the benefits of door centering by means of the joint on the actuator. The lockout‑tagout device prevents operating personnel from being locked inside the danger zone by using individual padlocks. For this purpose, the safety mechanism is pushed downward and the lock inserted.

Overview of the features

  L100, L200 L250 L300
Type in accordance with EN ISO 14119 Type 2
Interlock device with guard interlocking
Type 4
Interlock device with guard interlocking
Type 4
Interlock device with guard interlocking
Performance Level / SIL Up to PL e / SIL 3 Level PL e / SIL 3 with a single device Level PL e / SIL 3 with a single device
OSSD safety-related switching outputs  
RFIF-coded actuators  
Locking force 1.100 N (L100), 2800 N (L200) 2,100 N 9,750 N
Housing Technopolymer (L100), metal (L200) Technopolymer Metal
Degree of protection IP 67 IP 67 / IP 69K IP 67 / IP 69K
Escape unlocking with panic button L200
LED display unit for on-site diagnosis L200
Integrated command buttons and E-Stop button    



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