AS-Interface Safety at Work

Leader for a good reason

Due to its simplicity and the very broad range of products, the AS-Interface Safety at Work has developed into the market leader for safe networks on the actuator/sensor automation level. Compared to conventional point-to-point wiring, AS-Interface (AS-i) excels with its low installation, wiring and connection costs. The very simple retrofitability of the safety technology with larger AS-i systems can further greatly reduce installation costs.

Safety Monitors


For automation networks

The ASM1 AS-i Safety Monitor is the core component of the AS‑Interface Safety at Work system. Using configuration software, it monitors the safety-related network devices that are assigned to it, e.g., command devices, Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices and Safety Switches.


Coupling module

Product list

The ASKM1 and ASKM2 safe coupling modules allow electro-mechanical safety sensors with contact-based outputs or SOLID-2 and SOLID-4 Safety Light Curtains to be easily connected to AS‑Interface networks. The coupling modules convert the sensor signals into data words and provides these for forwarding via AS‑Interface. The transferal of data and power is performed simultaneously via the unshielded yellow AS-I flat cable.

  • LED displays: AS-i status, inputs
  • Error signal can be retrieved via AS‑i
  • Addressing via integrated addressing port


Safety sensors with integrated AS-interface

Many safety-relevant sensors from Leuze electronic are equipped with an AS-i interface and can thus very easily be integrated in the AS-i safety circuit.


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