Safety Command Devices


And off!

For stopping in emergencies, EN ISO 12100‑1 stipulates protective devices and supplementary measures such as E‑Stop buttons or emergency rope switches. For this purpose, Leuze electronic offers solutions that were developed and optimized with respect to safety and ergonomics acc. to EN IEC 60204-1, EN 60547-5-1/5 and EN ISO 13850. These series are used exclusively for outputting the E‑Stop signal.



Always within reach

The ERS200 E-Stop Rope Switch is a Safety Command Device in accordance with EN ISO 13850 and EN 60947-5-5 and is used with preference with expansive points of operation. The rope-pull activation guarantees that it is easy to reach all along the point of operation. Moreover, the ERS200 stands for simple operation, alignment and integration.

  • Pulling the rope or rope fracture safely stops the machine
  • Clicks in on both sides with friction-locking contacts
  • Easy alignment with switching point indicator
  • Easy integration with 3 cable approach directions
  • Compact metal housing, IP 67 protection class
  • Reset button with status display
  • Temperature compensation for longer rope lengths




Simply press the button to stop

E-Stop buttons of the ESB200 series are used at points of operation where it makes sense to be able to enter a stop command at a specific location. This is the case if the points of operation are, e.g., not every expansive and the operator can easily reach the button at any time. The diversity of the series allows the devices to be installed, for example, on profiles as well as in control panels, etc.

  • Contact sets for integration up to cat. 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849
  • 2 safety circuits, 1 signal circuit
  • Either screw terminals or M12 connection
  • Ergonomically optimized
  • Protection class IP 67 and IP 69K


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