Compartment fine positioning with IPS 200i / 400i


Pallet and container racks consists essentially of vertical columns and horizontal bars. In the past 20 years, the design of these installations has changed considerably. For cost reasons, thinner-walled materials were increasingly used. The loading possibilities and range of applications became significantly larger. Racks are increasingly affected by thermal and dynamic influences and shock loads have increased, e.g., from the integration of shuttle systems. The resulting deformation of rack components under load, for example, from deflection or expansion, must therefore be considered in detail.

The new IPS 400i from Leuze electronic is the smallest camera-based positioning sensor on the market for double-depth compartment fine positioning. It helps high-bay storage devices to quickly and easily find the right rack.

IPS 200i: Compartment fine positioning on columns in container warehouseIPS 400i: Fine positioning on bar in double-depth pallet warehouse
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  • Fast commissioning and high reading performance
  • Easy integration into existing network environment
  • Can be used in different temperature ranges

PRK 15
retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
PRK 15.D
retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
HT 15
diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression
High function reserve and in compact housing with and without adjustment option by means of potentiometerReliable detection of shrink-wrapped or high-gloss objectsEasy alignment by means of bright light spot
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