Laser scanners


High operating ranges with large viewing angles

Laser scanners detect their environment using a quickly-rotating laser measurement beam. This allows objects to be detected over large distances with very large viewing angles and also enables contours to be measured.



Everything in view to 65 m

Contactless laser distance sensors for object detection. A laser beam is deflected by a rotating mirror and covers an area of 190° with a radius of up to 65 m. Object detection occurs simultaneously in up to four detection fields.

  • Light - 2 kg gross weight
  • High availability due to short boot time of 6 s
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Simplest device exchange via ConfigPlug configuration memory.
  • Convenient configuration software RODsoft permits 8 detection field pairs and 4 detection fields
  • Detection fields up to 50 m, angular range 190°
  • Angular resolution 0.36°
  • Scanning rate 25 scans/s


Contact & support

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