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  • Trust is good. Monitoring is better.

    High-performance identification systems from Leuze electronic make possible quick and reliable component identification in quality assurance with simple integration into all current fieldbus systems. Highly modern safety solutions also protect the quality assurance employees when they have to intervene in running processes and remove parts to be checked. Thanks to our sensor solutions, faulty work pieces can be identified, registered and removed from the process during fully-automated procedures.

  • Casting and storing automated parts

    Increasing automation in production and storage of cast parts also necessitates automated logistics and process monitoring. Special sensor solutions are used here, since casting molds, for instance, can only be durably identified via temperature-proof RFID transponders. Highly-dynamic transport on conveying belts or using cranes and robots is also monitored with active optoelectronic protective devices and is safeguarded just like the actual casting area.

  • So that it moves forward

    Different work and processing steps have to mesh together in a way that prevents as many faults as possible in the various assembly steps of a power train. This is why powerful sensor solutions in the smallest designs from Leuze electronic are used for the mounting of motors, gears and axles. Today, the material of power train components is directly equipped with 2D-codes. Highly-developed code readers ensure that the right parts are mounted at the right place at the right time.

  • From a simple plate to a complex component

    These days, press plants are almost completely automated and are controlled and monitored using fast, resistant sensors. The plates are transported directly from the coils to the press line at whose end the completed punched and formed pieces are removed by robots. Modern manufacturing methods require the identification of plates, usually with dot-peened 2D-codes, to facilitate the monitoring of the further process sequence with code readers.

  • Extreme strain at the highest precision

    In body shell production, different body types are often produced on one welding line. This type of flexibility requires faster and highly-precise sensors, e.g. for use in fitting tools. In addition, the sensors used are also exposed to extreme mechanical stress due to flying welding sparks and regular cleanings with dry ice. Leuze electronic has developed solutions to meet these demands.

  • Efficient corrosion protection and aesthetic paint jobs

    At the latest during the elaborate catalytic dip coating process, the vehicle bodies or skids have to be marked using RFID transponders, since these are the only ones that sustainably withstand the immersion baths and oven drying at up to 200 °C. During the subsequent painting job with robots, powerful sensors and camera systems are also essential to ensure problem-free processes and consistent results.

  • From individual parts to a fully-functional vehicle

    In the final mounting stage of a vehicle, man and machine work together very closely. Hazards must therefore be ruled out with reliable safety sensors. Furthermore, high quality standards require the consistent checking and logging of components marked with bar codes, 2D-codes or RFID. Leuze electronic has sensor systems suitable for detecting the location of the vehicle body on pushing platforms, skids or telpher lines at any time and checking its production status.

Title Area Duty
Component identification in assembly Final mounting Quality control
Driver-less transportation system control Final mounting Positioning
Guarding of assembly workstations Final mounting Danger area safeguarding
Merge Final mounting Machine protection / collision prevention
Object positioning Final mounting Presence inspection, Orientation detection, Quality control, Positioning
Palette positioning Final mounting Positioning
Pick and place Final mounting Orientation detection
Position detection in factory automation / on telpher lines Final mounting Positioning
Vehicle body detection Final mounting RFID
Cast-part testing Foundry Quality control
Detection of shelf positions Foundry Positioning
Press mould identification in the foundry Foundry RFID, Presence inspection, Point of operation guarding
Work piece handling Foundry Danger area safeguarding
Painting booths Paint finishing system Danger area safeguarding
Plug detection Paint finishing system Quality control, Dimension, contour, volume
Positioning of sliding tables Paint finishing system Positioning
Skid detection Paint finishing system RFID
Vehicle body detection Paint finishing system Machine protection / collision prevention
Component identification in drive assembly Powertrain 2D-code
Component monitoring on corridor supply vehicles Powertrain Quality control
Direct work piece detection on mounting robot Powertrain Orientation detection
Guarding of assembly workstations Powertrain Danger area safeguarding, Access guarding
Guarding of loading and unloading robots / portals Powertrain Danger area safeguarding, Access guarding
Material handling Powertrain Presence inspection
Pick to light storage Powertrain Quality control
Safeguarding and position determination on corridor supply vehicles Powertrain Positioning
Sensors in axle assembly Powertrain Presence inspection, Distance, Orientation detection
Work piece identification in motor assembly Powertrain 2D-code
Positioning and communication on crane systems Punching / reshaping technology Optical data transmission, Positioning
Press guarding Punching / reshaping technology Point of operation guarding
Component identification for facilitating traceability Quality assurance Bar code, 2D-code
Guarding of manual workplaces Quality assurance Danger area safeguarding
Identifying components during rework Quality assurance Bar code, 2D-code
Body shell material handling Vehicle body shell Positioning
Exact pallet positioning Vehicle body shell Presence inspection, Dimension, contour, volume
Gluing application on vehicle body sheets Vehicle body shell Dimension, contour, volume
Guarding of welding robots Vehicle body shell Danger area safeguarding
Pallet identification in vehicle body assembly Vehicle body shell Bar code, 2D-code
Position detection on welding robots Vehicle body shell Positioning, Distance
Sensors for welding robots Vehicle body shell Presence inspection, Orientation detection
Sheet detection in vehicle body construction Vehicle body shell Presence inspection, Distance, Orientation detection