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  • From wooden boards to a wardrobe with the help of sensors

    There are many areas of application for sensors in furniture production. They are used to reliably detect a wide variety of materials and surfaces, thereby positioning parts exactly for processing or mounting, to name just a couple of examples. Throughput times can be minimized and system utilization can be optimized in this way. Elaborate safety sensor technology also makes it possible for whole process sections to run reliably and for intralogistics tasks to be automated.

  • Sensor-supported processing enables maximum yield

    Solid wood is a natural material which can never generate two exactly identical pieces. Leuze electronic sensor systems, however, can deal with these "deviations" e.g. in the surface, structure or color and also detect, identify or position parts reliably. This allows valuable material to be utilized in the most efficient manner possible and minimize waste.

  • High process reliability and dependable material tracking

    In the automated processing of face plates, sensor technology from Leuze electronic is used to monitor material flow and detect errors early on. This is how our sensors ensure high system availability and assure end product quality. Safety sensors are also utilized here to safeguard material logistics as well as processing centers.

  • From an untreated trunk to finished veneer

    The production of real wood veneer means absolutely precise work. Sensors from Leuze electronic can help to automate, optimize and monitor these processes. Sensors are thereby used as often in the identification of raw materials as in quality assurance during running operation or in the safeguarding of danger areas in and on the machine.

  • Optimal use and high availability in rough environments

    For processing efficiently round timber in the rough and dusty environment of a saw mill, it is essential to measure and position the trunks optimally in order to produce as little waste as possible when cutting. Sensors from Leuze electronic can aid in these tasks, and are helpful and reliable in the safeguarding of danger areas in feeding zones and of the saw itself without interrupting material flow.

  • Smooth processes thanks to exact measurement

    Only exact measurement and positioning make it possible to increase clock cycles in the processing and logistics of round timber without compromising quality. Large distances to the object, unfavorable reflection properties of the material and rough environmental conditions place increased demands on the sensor technology used.

Title Area Duty
Control material flow Face plates Bar code
Guarding transfer areas Face plates Access guarding
Positioning Face plates Positioning
Positioning plates Face plates Positioning
Height measurement from square wood and wood molding Furniture production Dimension, contour, volume
Identification of bar codes or 2D-codes on labels Furniture production 2D-code
Length measurement from square wood and wood molding Furniture production Dimension, contour, volume
Access safeguarding in the pallet wrapping machine sector Round timber Access guarding
Dull edge detection Round timber Dimension, contour, volume
Measurement of tree trunks and profiles Round timber Dimension, contour, volume
Measuring of boards to optimize timber yield Round timber Orientation detection, Dimension, contour, volume
Monitoring of plate width Round timber Dimension, contour, volume
Object identification using bar codes Round timber Bar code
Access guarding for wood processing machines Saw mills Access guarding
Access safeguarding in the wooden board processing sector Saw mills Point of operation guarding
Object detection in extremely soiled environments Saw mills Presence inspection
Object detection in feed area Saw mills Presence inspection
Personnel protection in gantry crane area Saw mills Access guarding
Personnel protection in robot area Saw mills Access guarding
Positioning in high-bay warehouses Saw mills Positioning
Positioning of gantry cranes Saw mills Positioning
Stack height measurement Saw mills Dimension, contour, volume
Locking device for protective doors Solid wood Access guarding
Object detection Solid wood Presence inspection
Positioning of square timber Solid wood Positioning, Dimension, contour, volume
Stepping behind protection Solid wood Access guarding
Access guarding of wood processing machines Veneer Access guarding
Layer thickness measurement Veneer Quality control
Quality control Veneer Quality control