Access guarding with muting


Continuous handling equipment


Danger area safeguarding, Access guarding

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Light barrier with MLD Muting Sensor Sets

  • Pre-mounted and aligned muting sensors with complete wiring
  • Configuration without PC via wiring in the switch cabinet
  • 6 possible muting modes (parallel, sequential, partial)
  • Also for low-temperature applications down to -30 °C
  • Type 4, SIL 3, PL e
  • Simple wiring for muting (one safety circuit for inward and outward material movements), low installation effort, and price advantage with MSI-SR5 safety relay

COMPACTplus multiple light beam safety devices

  • Access protection with bridging function
  • Various muting operating modes
  • Muting sensors, operational controls, and optional E-STOP or protective switches can be connected directly to the device
  • Muting override function for the secure retraction movement after shutdowns
  • Detailed adaptation to the application through configuration with PC software
  • Type 4, SIL 3, PL e
  • Can be integrated into the machine safety circuit via MSI safety controller