Safety sensor monitoring


Continuous handling equipment


Point of operation guarding, Access guarding, Danger area safeguarding

Business sectors

Packaging systems

MSI 100, MSI 200, MSI-EM, MSI-FB Safety Relay family

  • Freely configurable MSI 100 safety relay: base module for the coordination of sensors and actuators
  • MSI 200 base module extensible via modules with the option of connecting up to 10 MSI-EM extension modules conveniently and quickly via the TBUS connection system
  • MSI-EM extension module augments the MSI 200 by 8 safe inputs and 4 freely configurable channels - either safe inputs or outputs (OSSDs)
  • MSI-FB-PB fieldbus module for the problem-free connection to PROFIBUS for diagnostic data transfer (not safety-oriented)