Quality & environmental management

Our goal: high quality standards for our products, reliability, and responsible handling and protection of the environment.

Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. Our core competencies are efficient sensor solutions – and we use tested and validated processes to ensure their high quality and reliability throughout the product life cycle.

We ensure both legal requirements and customer expectations and specifications are met through our company values and compliance with legislation, regulations, and standards. This also includes the commitment, and fulfilling our responsibility, to the sustainable protection of our environment through the use of future-oriented technologies and the resource-sparing use of primary and secondary materials.

For us, this effort is a matter of course with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint of our products and processes.

The demands we set for ourselves and our awareness of quality and the environment are subject to continuous improvement and are confirmed as having a high level of maturity by accredited certification bodies.

Quality & environmental management