Light curtains

Many beams see more than one

Our measuring light curtains monitor a large measurement field and output measurement information from this field. Depending on the configuration and model, the devices are suitable for a variety of measurement tasks with various resolutions and can be integrated in different fieldbus environments.


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Measure quickly, easily and reliably for many applications

Integrated interfaces enable the quick and easy integration of these measuring light curtains into fieldbus environments without additional gateway boxes and corresponding space requirements and mounting effort. Cascade mounting with a dead zone of just 23 mm between beams, fast response times and the detection of transparent media enable e.g. gapless object tracing on a transport system. Available in this series are variants that are certified for use in potentially explosive areas of group II, category 3, zone 2 (gas) and zone 22 (dust).



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Contour measurement rethought – unpack, mount, connect – ready!

The 3D contour measurement system detects the length, width, height, protrusions, deformations and position of any objects as they pass by, independent of their shape and surface structure. Even polybags are reliably detected. The complete system includes all components for operation and installation under one part number.

  • Detects contour, position and size of the object as it passes by
  • Very simple commissioning through webConfig
  • Smallest detectable object sizes of at least 5 x 50 x 50 mm3
  • The system can collect peripheral data, e.g., from scales or bar code scanners, and pass it on with a time stamp
  • Additional evaluations, e.g., enclosing volume or deformation control, are possible
  • All components of the system can be ordered with just a single part number