Part positioning




Presence inspection, Orientation detection, Positioning

Business sectors

Handling and assembly technology

IS 20X inductive switches

  • Small cylindrical or cubic construction especially for mounting or handling automation and robotics
  • Scanning ranges up to 40mm make performing even the most difficult tasks possible
  • Sensors with short response times for dynamic processes

GS(L) 04 forked photoelectric sensor

  • Robust and warp-resistant metal housing and glass optics for high protection against environmental influences
  • Also with laser-generated red light for highly precise requirements or highly-dynamic processes
  • Even for transparent objects
  • Sensitivity adjustment and light/dark switching on back side of fork

HRTR 2 scanner with background suppression

  • Miniature construction especially for limited installation spaces
  • PinPoint LED for the creation of a small, homogeneous and clearly visible light spot which is ideally suited for the detection of small parts
  • Scanner from the series with very small, laser-like light spot
  • Very good background suppression