Presence monitoring (e.g. part inlaid in processing station?)




Presence inspection, Orientation detection, Positioning

Business sectors

Handling and assembly technology

GS(L) 04 forked photoelectric sensor

  • Robust and warp-resistant metal housing and glass optics for high protection against environmental influences
  • Also with laser-generated red light for highly precise requirements or highly-dynamic processes
  • Even for transparent objects
  • Sensitivity adjustment and light/dark switching on back side of fork

3B series photoelectric sensors and light scanners

  • Unique features and the largest diversity of functions in this performance segment among all competitors in the market
  • High ranges and improved function reserves for reliable object detection, even in dusty environments or with high alignment tolerances
  • Technologies such as A²LS active extraneous and active ambient light suppression, "brightVision®" for simple handling and fast commissioning or device versions with homogeneous PinPoint light spot, characteristic for the 3B series