Safe radar system

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For use in harsh environments and with static objects in the protected area

The safe 3D radar systems are used for area and access guarding. They ensure high system availability even in harsh environments, e.g., in the case of dirt, dust, sawdust and humidity. In addition, static objects may be present in the protected area.


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Safe 3D area monitoring

The world’s first safe radar system, LBK from Inxpect S.p.A., was developed for the monitoring of hazardous areas in harsh industrial environments. It detects the bodies of persons and monitors the 3D protected area for access and presence.
Upon entry into the protected area, the machine is switched to a safe state, and if a person is present, the machine is prevented from restarting. Static objects may be present in the protected area. The systems can be used in safety applications up to PL d / SIL 2.

  • Resistant to environmental influences such as dirt, dust, sawdust, oil, humidity and light
  • Allows static objects to be present in the protected area, e.g., pallets, cartons, tool trays or material containers
  • Operating range up to 4 meters, linking of up to 6 sensors to safeguard larger areas
  • Flexible adaptation to the application through sensor arrangement (up to 3 meters above the ground) and sensor configuration
  • If desired, configuration and setup service by our certified experts