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Number one when it comes to the detection of transparent objects.

These retro-reflective photoelectric sensors in coated metal housing with glass optics were designed specially for detecting transparent PET and glass bottles, plastic foils as well as flat glass. The patented tracking process extends the cleaning interval many times over; short response times and minimal jitter ensure reliable control of fast processes. The versatile fastening options with integrated thread facilitate mounting and the models with aligned abeam optics make alignment unnecessary. Parameterization via IO-Link enables flexible and simple adjustment of the device.

  • Degrees of protection IP 67 and IP 69K
  • Corrosion-resistant metal housing with thread and glass optics
  • Especially designed for the detection of PET, film, and glass
  • Calibrated aBEAM optics for use without alignment
  • Sensitivity adjustment via teach button or potentiometer
  • Autocollimation principle
  • Automatic dirt/cleaning compensation (tracking) increases the interval between cleaning sessions
  • High extraneous light protection through A²LS

Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors

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Polarized and unpolarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensors with autocollimation optics for the detection of films and transparent media are available. In line with application requirements, 3 different types of adjustment options (270 ° potentiometer, teach button, 11-turn potentiometer) and IO-Link versions can be ordered.