External control of muting processes

Leuze electronic presents a muting controller for the external control of protective sensors and safety light curtains.

Muting controller for external control of muting processes

Owen, May 11, 2016 - Leuze electronic presents a controller for the external control of muting processes with the MSI-MD-FB muting controller. It is directly mounted onto the machine and therefore only requires one line to the switch cabinet. The external controller supports the manufacturer’s own MLD multiple light beam safety devices and MLC safety light curtains. The muting controller demonstrates its full muting functionality with three modes - 2-sensor parallel, 2-sensor sequential and 4-sensor sequential. The optional use of a muting-enable signal provides additional protection from tampering. Selectable timeout times from 20 seconds up to 100 hours allows the muting processes to be adapted to the application. Configuration is simple and takes place via DIP switch - a laptop or software is not necessary for this. Access to the diagnostic data is nevertheless possible at any time via the additional micro USB diagnostic interface.

The slim IP67 plastic housing permits installation in the manufacturer’s UDC/DC device column and thus facilitates additional protection against outside influences. The durable laser inscription ensures good legibility even when used in harsh working environments. Installation is simple and efficient: all connections are made via stable sockets on the front. This also applies to a muting signal lamp and an illuminated reset button which is also among the Leuze electronic’s range of products. Only a single cable to the switch cabinet is necessary up to a maximum length of 50 m. This saves time and money. Use in deep-freeze areas is also supported, e.g. in the food industry, due to the large temperature range of -30°C to +60°C.

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