All-rounder with maximum flexibility

Leuze electronic is expanding its product range with a new contrast sensor that combines product usability with high performance capability.

KRT 18B in space-saving
metal housing

Owen, 1. July 2016 - the new KRT 18B contrast sensor is a flexible multicolor sensor which uses the three LED colors of red, green and blue to automatically determine the color that produces the maximum contrast with the detected mark. Even with glossy surfaces or a fading mark, reliable detection takes place due to the automatic sensitivity readjustment. Different models are available for simple switching point adjustment, each with self-adjusting bar graph for optimal displaying of the signal quality: One variant has two teach buttons for calibration on background and mark, and another has a potentiometer and a color selection button. This makes reliable functionality possible with just a single setting, even if there is a high contrast on the mark. Changes to the foil format on packaging machines, for example, can be quickly and easily adapted due to comprehensive recipe management using an IO-Link interface. Thanks to its space-saving ECOLAB tested IP67/IP69K metal housing and its high switching frequency of up to 22kHz, which makes short response times possible, the sensor is particularly suited for rapid packaging processes in foil-bag packaging machines as well as label detection in filling systems. An alignment aid on the 13 mm focal point is included in the delivery so that the sensor can be easily aligned and taken into operation. Leuze electronic therefore is also living up to its claim of providing its customers with smart product usability with the KRT 18B.

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