Leuze electronic as pioneer for the implementation of Industry 4.0

As leading innovator in optical sensors, Leuze electronic positions itself as the driving force for the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Owen, August 5, 2016 - Whether it's specialist lectures at VDMA, VDI symposia or VHS Business theme days: in September alone, Leuze electronic contributes to talks for three different series of events which address digital value creation and innovative business models in Industry 4.0. As sensor system manufacturer and with their connectivity competence, Leuze electronic deals intensively with the possibilities of Industry 4.0 on a daily basis, and considers them as opportunities for new business models. "The fact that process and diagnostic data from the field level is being passed to various levels right up to the control level is nothing new," says Ulrich Balbach, CEO at Leuze electronic. Leuze electronic already offers efficient solutions for this, e.g. the IO-Link interface and integrated connectivity. "However, to achieve a far-reaching Industry 4.0 implementation, in the future we will need to meet the challenge of making data for control also available in the cloud." The sensor becomes the enabler for Industry 4.0, the sensor system becomes the data source for service and big data applications. This is accompanied by an increase in data transparency, for which Leuze electronic stands with Smart Sensor Business in order to achieve greater application utility for its clients.

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