SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 - A complete success for Leuze electronic

3 days and almost 1000 visitors on 250 qm of booth space - Leuze electronic is delighted with its appearance at this years trade show in Nuremberg.

Owen, December 12, 2016 - "SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg is the most important trade show of the year for the sensor people of Leuze electronic”, says CEO Ulrich Balbach. Leuze electronic presented the range of its smart sensor business solutions for electrical automation on 250 qm of booth space: A concrete Industry 4.0 system was presented with the BCL 348i bar code reader. With the new generation of MSI 400 safety controls and numerous new safety relays in combination with Leuze sensors and switches to safety services, reliable safety at work solutions were presented. Furthermore, well thought-out automation concepts were introduced which help users to make their business quicker and more efficient. By following the red markings, booth visitors were taken on a tour around the trade show booth which took them past all of the new 2016 products. To present the Smart Sensor Business 4.0 to the user as realistically as possible, the products and solutions were shown as they relate to specific industries. The main focus here lay on the areas of intralogistics, packaging industry, tool manufacturing and automotive industry. Among product highlights was the flexible KRT 18B multicolor sensor, which uses the three LED colors of red, green and blue to automatically determine the color that produces the maximum contrast with the detected mark. The new DDLS 500 with its remote control function was presented as the world’s only data transmission photoelectric sensor which makes location-independent remote diagnostics possible. A key product in the area of identification systems is the new DCR 200i camera-based code reader for the fast decoding of 1D, stacked and 2D-codes, which recently ranked third in the Automation category of the inspect award 2017. It was specially developed for equipment used in packaging systems, automation, robotics and production. The DCR 200i is now also available in the ECOLAB-certified IP 69K stainless steel housing, thereby also making it suited for the industrial and highly hygienic environment of packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. In addition to the new generation of safety controls and relays, the RSL 400 safety laser scanner, which has won three awards for Leuze electronic this year, was a highlight in the area of safety at work.

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