Finalist in the 2019 GIT SECURITY AWARD

The "Smart Process Gating" muting process, which completely forgoes the need for signal-emitting sensors and is based on the MLC safety light curtains from Leuze electronic, was selected by the jury and is included in the readers' poll for the next GIT SECURITY AWARD.

Nominated for the 2019 GIT Security Award –
the "Smart Process Gating" process from Leuze electronic

Owen, June 8, 2018– In intralogistics, automotive and packaging industry, material locks often need to be safeguarded against unauthorized access by means of optical safety sensors. Previously, muting processes with signal-emitting sensors were required in order to clearly identify when transported goods are approaching a protective field and to bridge the passing of these goods through the protective field at the correct moment. As a result of the SPG (Smart Process Gating) method developed by Leuze electronic, based on its MLC safety light curtains, these sensors are no longer needed. This new process was selected by the jury with representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI, integrators and users and is included as a finalist in the voting and readers' poll for the 2019 GIT Security Award in Category A – "IT Security and Safety in Automation, Cyber Security." Eligible to vote are all readers and users of GIT Security as well as the international edition and GIT Safety throughout Europe, including the Middle East and Africa – and also customers and partners of the nominated companies worldwide. In the period from June 1 through June 24, these individuals will use their vote at to decide which of the nominated products will move on as winners into the finals. The final decision about who receives the GIT SECURITY AWARD trophy will be made at SPS IPC Drives at the end of November in Nuremberg. Each eligible voter may cast up to five votes – one vote per category. By casting a vote, voters are automatically included in the drawing for the reader grand prize.

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