Leuze electronic collecting caps for a world without polio

The sensor people are collecting plastic caps. 500 caps will help them pay for one polio vaccination and thus save a child from the plight of polio.

Deckel drauf for a world without polio

Owen, August 3, 2018– Leuze electronic is now supporting the organization Deckel drauf ["caps on"]. This organization promotes the international initiative "End Polio Now". Polio is a highly infectious, incurable illness which causes permanent paralysis. By selling plastic caps to recycling companies, vaccinations can be financed. For every 500 plastic caps collected, one vaccination against polio is possible for one child, and thus life-long protection against the condition is achieved. The sensor people are impressed by this initiative and are from now on collecting plastic caps from water bottles, milk cartons, fruit juice cartons – even the plastic capsules in Kinder Surprise are taken. "This campaign is one that is close to our hearts, and we hope that many other companies, associations, and organizations will follow this example and support the Deckel drauf initiative," says Martina Schili, Corporate Communications at Leuze electronic.

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