Leuze electronic Supports Development of School for Orphans in Uganda

The proceeds from the sensor people's Christmas fundraising campaign 2018 are donated to the development of a secondary school for an orphanage in Uganda.

The sensor people's donation of EUR 1,500 allowed
"Heart for children e.V." to buy a photocopier for an orphan
school in Kimbilio, Uganda.

Owen, December 18, 2019 -Year after year, the sensor people of Leuze electronic dedicate their Christmas fundraising campaign to a charitable cause to which the proceeds are donated. As part of the campaign, the employees baked scrumptious waffles during the Advent season and sold them to their colleagues. This year's proceeds of EUR 1,500 – supplemented by Leuze electronic to make it an even number – were donated to the "Heart for Children Deutschland e.V." organization. This amount will actively contribute to the development of a secondary school for an orphan school in Kimbilio, Uganda. The donation check was given to the 2nd chairman of the association, Matthias Weigele. "The last time I visited Uganda right before Christmas, I noticed that the school really needed a photocopier," says Weigele. This has now been made possible thanks to the proceeds from the campaign. The employees of Leuze electronic also worked hard to collect items for the children's small wishes. At the top of the list were balls of all types and all sorts of pencils, drawing, and writing utensils.

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