Leuze electronic finances 108 polio vaccinations

Over the course of a year, the sensor people from Leuze electronic collected 54,000 plastic caps for the international initiative "End Polio Now." They thereby financed 108 polio vaccinations.

Deckel drauf for a world without polio.

Owen, August 2, 2019 – Leuze electronic supported the international initiative "End Polio Now" of the organization Deckel drauf e.V. ["caps on"] for one year. The sensor people thereby actively contributed to the fight against the highly contagious, incurable disease of polio, which today still occurs mainly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. The sensor people collected 90 kilograms of plastic caps in just 12 months. International Leuze subsidiaries participated in this fundraiser as well and sent plastic caps from products such as water bottles, milk cartons and juice containers. The approximately 54,000 plastic caps – weighing 90 kilograms – made possible 108 polio vaccinations for lifelong protection against polio. The international initiative undertaken by the organization Deckel drauf e.V. ["caps on"] ended on July 1, 2019.

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