New type of contour measurement

With the new CMS 700i 3D contour measurement system, Leuze electronic is presenting a world’s first for volume measurements: a complete solution for the fault-free storage of goods that can be autonomously commissioned and maintained by the customers via WebConfig.

CMS 700i contour measurement system, application in
e-commerce for packet measurement.

Owen, October 4, 2019 – With the CMS 700i, Leuze electronic is brining a new 3D contour measurement system to market. It is based on the CML 730i measuring light curtains and can be adapted to specific customer requirements. The complete system includes all components, the switch cabinet, fastening elements and connection technology all under one part number. The CMS 700i meters the contour and position of passing objects regardless of their shape and surface structure. Even flat objects such as polybags can be precisely and economically detected without complicated camera installation. The minimum dimensions for height, width and length are 5x50x50mm³. The object information can, for example, be used to optimize the load on a pallet or to optimize the incoming goods. At the same time, deformations or protrusions of the object that might cause problems or downtime when warehousing automatically are reliably detected. The CMS 700i thereby increases the availability and cost effectiveness of the system. With the intuitive WebConfig, commissioning and remote maintenance can be performed easily by the customer. Should a component need to be replaced, this can be accomplished efficiently with Plug & Play, without any specialist knowledge from supplier experts. This saves time and money. The Ethernet TCP/IP or PROFINET interface ensures speedy integration of the 3D contour measurement system. The system can collect peripheral data, e.g., from scales or bar code scanners, via an open Ethernet interface and pass it on with a time stamp. The CMS 700i can thereby be freely combined with additional functions and is suitable for both new and existing systems in the area of intralogistics.

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