Leuze Electronic to Present Itself as Forerunner at Hanover Fair

Leuze will be presenting itself as a forerunner for its customers at Hanover Fair from 20–24 April. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. That is the vision of the Sensor People from Leuze. The main topics at the company’s trade fair appearance in Hall 9, Booth F68 are Safety and Smart factory.

The RSL 400 for the safe navigation of automated guided
vehicles (AGV).

Owen, 14 February, 2020 – Hanover Fair takes place from 20–24 April, 2020. More than 6,000 exhibitors will be represented at the “Home of Industrial Pioneers,” as the Hanover Fair likes to be referred to. One of them is Leuze, an optical sensor manufacturer from Owen/Teck in Southern Germany.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
The vision that the Sensor People from Leuze will be presenting to the trade fair visitors in Hanover goes beyond that of a pioneer: Leuze considers itself to be a forerunner for its customers. In the past, present, and future. The Sensor People – of which there are more than 1,200 today – have been developing innovative and efficient sensor solutions together with their customers for more than 50 years, tailored to the customers’ unique applications and thus meeting their expectations to the fullest. Since the company’s founding in 1963, the Sensor People have created innovations and set new standards in industrial automation through eagerness and determination: from the first data transmission photoelectric sensor to the world’s first bar code positioning system. Leuze continues to be a forerunner for safety and smart factory, always a step ahead. Among the company’s innovations is the AS-Interface. More recent proprietary developments in the field of safety, such as the sensorless muting alternative “Smart Process Gating,” underline the company’s positioning as a forerunner. Leuze has also been a forerunner in the field of smart factories: already three years ago the company released the BCL 300i, the first sensor on the market with OPC-UA, which can send data to the control system and cloud. These two topics – Safety and Smart factory – are at the core of the Sensor People’s trade fair appearance in Hanover in Hall 9, Booth F68. They will demonstrate how they enable the success of their customers in an industry that never rests. Because they are driven for the success of their customers.

Well protected.
Protect people, ensure smooth-running processes.
To its customers, Leuze is a partner and forerunner for machine and system safety. The objective of the Sensor People is the safety of people and machines, while also making the customers’ automation processes more efficient. In Hanover, the Sensor People will be presenting to trade fair visitors their extensive range of safety products and safety services along the entire life cycle of machinery. At the center of the presented safety product highlights is “Smart Process Gating” (SPG): the innovative technology for access guarding on conveyor lines functions without signal-emitting sensors and offers an alternative to the commonly used muting process. In 2019, this technology, patented by Leuze, won over experts and users alike, and was awarded the GIT Security Award and the Best-of-Industry award. SPG is integrated in the the safety light curtains of type MLC 530. At Hanover Fair, visitors will have an opportunity to see how the SPG technology works at a special exhibit. Another safety product highlight from the Sensor People is their RSL 400 safety laser scanner, which is available in new versions. This is a device that combines safety technology with a high-quality measurement value output for automated guided vehicles (AGV), thus enabling reliable safeguarding and navigation. By parallel monitoring several protective fields, the speed of the AGV is safely reduced. These functions are also available as device variations with a PROFINET/PROFIsafe interface, which can easily be integrated into industrial networks. These are also available in AIDA-compliant versions for use in automotive engineering.

Ready for the future.
Designing industrial automation.
In an intelligent production environment (Smart Factory), standardized industrial communication helps to efficiently implementing the increasing requirements on sensor systems. A reduction in the complexity is made possible, e.g., through industrial Ethernet interfaces or IO-Link. The data delivered by the sensor system via OPC UA can even be transmitted to the cloud and used for application-specific analyses. Based on these technologies, the Sensor People will demonstrate in Hanover how diagnostic data is analyzed on the device, edge or cloud level and how information can be obtained for predictive maintenance. This not only makes maintenance predictable; it also significantly increases plant availability and cost effectiveness.

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