Leuze calls on policy makers to issue a "green line" for commissioning engineers

At the very top of Leuze's list of priorities during the coronavirus pandemic are creativity and innovative strength: Leuze is pro-actively, consistently, and assertively calling for a "green line" for the recovery of the economy.

Leuze CEO Ulrich Balbach is calling for a "green line"
for commissioning engineers.

Owen, September 4, 2020 - The coronavirus pandemic presents a significant challenge for the economy as a whole. Innovation leader Leuze is venturing a unique path once again: Instead of complaining and debating, the company is thinking ahead, acting early on and pro-actively, carving out its individual approach, and following it consistently and confidently. This is how the innovation leader is defying the ongoing recession forecasts for the German economy. With clear ideas and concrete demands – also on policy makers.

Coronavirus is a health crisis, not an economic crisis
Many voices portrayed the coronavirus to be an economic crisis from the start. "From our vantage point, that it not an accurate description," says Leuze CEO Ulrich Balbach, followed by the explanation: "With the exception of the automotive industry and the machine tools sector, the industries that we the Sensor People are active in are not in an economic crisis." Rather, Balbach views the coronavirus as a health crisis, not an economic crisis. "But it is true that the health crisis is entailing an economic crisis in the industrial sector due to the lack of political solutions."

"Green line" for commissioning engineers
According to Balbach, the main issue is that machine builders are kept from delivering and commissioning their machinery because commissioning engineers are not allowed to travel to certain regions of the world. "This is a problem that all companies in the industrial sector have to contend with, and it is precisely the reason for the negative economical trajectory in the entire industrial sector," says Balbach, adding, "This problem cannot be solved individually, it needs to be addressed on the highest political level." The truck transport industry, for example, has a "green line." "That is precisely what we need for our commissioning engineers! If we had a political solution for the transfer of commissioning engineers, the industrial sector would also see an economical uptick," says Balbach in his clear statement and demand to the political leadership.

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