Our bar code readers –
a perfect team
for your identification tasks


Our BCL 300i, BCL 500i, BCL 600i and BCL 900i bar code readers fulfill every task – they are compatible, intelligent and efficient.

Leuze electronic bar code readers are the ideal solution for all identification tasks, and due to their identical control, connection and mounting concepts, they are very easy to operate. The devices will win you over with a variety of innovative technical details and especially with their integrated PROFINET interface.

Four bar code readers, many advantages

  • Simple integration
    into the PROFINET world through the integrated interface.
  • Comfortable online configuration and diagnosis
    with WebConfig software via Ethernet.
  • Oscillating mirror models with BCL 300i, 500i and 600i
    For automatically scanning on large areas with variably placed codes.
  • Innovative Multiscan functionality
    for coupling several BCLs into one unit without additional devices, e.g. for reading from two sides.
  • Integrated switch functionality
    saves the time and expense of cabling in all Ethernet fieldbuses through device line wiring.
  • Function extension for BCL 300i
    ■ Optimized J-optics for improved detection of directly printed codes on packaging.
    ■ Integrated Ethernet IP interface for quick and easy connection to the control without additional gateway.

Technical data BCL 300i
Technical data BCL 500i
Technical data BCL 600i
Technical data BCL 900i

BCL 300 container identification

BCL 500 pallet identification

BCL 600 carton identification

Still more bar code ideas for you!

Efficiency is when the accessories have been thought-out in advance.
We offer a wide range of useful accessories for our bar code readers which considerably extend the function range and make your processes more efficient. These include:

In constrained spaces -
mounting with the BT 300
Stainless steel housing
Our intelligent fastening concepts make efficient sensor use possible. We have developed the BT 300 mounting bracket especially for constrained spaces. It enables mounting of the BCL 300i very close to transport systems. Technical data With optional stainless steel housing with IP 67 and IP 69K (deflection mirror model), the BCL 300i is also well suited for tough environmental conditions or hygiene-sensitive areas with high cleaning effort.