We can determine position
with millimeter precision
- and can do so over distances
of up to 10 kilometers

No position detection, no automation


Many automation processes are only feasible if the position of an object is known at all times. Regardless of whether, e.g., storage and retrieval systems report their position with millimeter accuracy by means of a bar code positioning system and a bar code tape up to 10 km in length or a simple reflection light scanner, the correct column and shelf position is located. Our devices always perform these tasks reliably.

The second generation of bar code positioning – BPS 300i

The new generation of BPS 300i bar code positioning provides a wide range of options, integrated fieldbus interfaces and availabilitycontrol to ensure good read quality.

Do you want to avoid failures due to contamination?

An integrated function constantly reports its performance reserve, thereby indicating, e.g.,
soiling in good time – availabilitycontrol.

Do you require simple integration to your network?

The integrated fieldbus interface makes start-up and configuration quick and easy – integratedconnectivity.

Do your scanners need to operate reliably regardless of mechanical variations?

The large working range of ± 60 mm offers sufficient performance reserve – powerreserve.

You know our bar code positioning systems?

The new BPS 300i generation will surprise you.

Is simple installation important to you?

A clever mounting system greatly simplifies the installation and replacement of the device – easyhandling.


Top products for positioning

Bar code positioning system
BPS 300i with PROFIBUS and SSI
AMS 300i
laser distance measurement device
Reflection light scanner
With integrated interfaces and the availabilitycontrol functionality for ensuring read quality.Calculates distances to moving system parts contact-free, quickly and with absolute precision to up to 300 m.Reliable column and shelf positioning with extremely simple alignment through a bright, visible light spot.
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So safety at work won't become a stumbling block for you


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