The right
light curtain

for every task!


The Big Family – especially when it comes to measuring and switching!

Checking protrusions, heights or lengths, hole recognition, ejection monitoring and much more. A light curtain has a wide range of possible uses. Depending on the application, the machine control system may require a measurement value or just a hardware signal.

With our measuring CML light curtains and the switching CSL, CSR and Vario B devices, you can pick the right product for your application from a wide selection. And the CML and CSL devices use the same housing, thereby making the choice of operating principle independent of mounting and alignment.

The big light curtain family at a glance:

  • The CML 700i is a high-performance, measuring light curtain with many integrated fieldbus interfaces that reliably detects transparent media.
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  • NEW: The CSL 710 is a switching light curtain with selectable resolution, various measurement field lengths and many useful technical features, such as a display for simple alignment.
    › Product selector CSL 710
  • The Vario B is a switching light curtain in a slim design with integrated evaluation unit for simple applications.
    › Product selector Vario B
  • NEW: The CSR 780 is a retro-reflective switching light curtain and has high resolution and fast response time specifically for counting objects or for ejection monitoring.
    › Product selector CSR 780

Even more from Leuze electronic for even more flexibility!

CSL 710
Switching light curtain
RK 46C VarOS
Retro-reflective photoelectric sensor with wide light-band
BCL 600i
Bar code reader with blue laser light
  • Fast: unique, short cycle times of 30 µs/beam reliably detect even fast processes
  • Various device and mounting variations for optimum adaptation to the installation conditions
  • 45 – 60 mm-wide light-band for the reliable detection of objects with gaps or irregular shape
  • Blue laser diode for 50% greater depth of field without expensive focus adjustment
  • Reliable code reconstruction technology enables reading of even soiled or damaged codes
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