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No position detection, no automation

Our expert service hotline can answer many of your questions on commissioning right away by telephone. Our expert service hotline can answer many of your questions on commissioning right away by telephone.

Because the best product is only as good as its usability

Optimized operating ranges, parallel beam geometry – to name just a couple of the long list of outstanding performance factors which we highlight – all are important performance features that identify sensor solutions from Leuze electronic. What matters much more to most customers, however, are the clear usability advantages that distinguish our products.

This "smarter product usability" also entails that we put together customer-specific packages, consisting of complete sets of sensors and mounting brackets, for example. Customized solutions for your application, such as special mounting brackets or adapted cable lengths, are also possible.

Additionally, all of our devices only offer one range – the farthest possible one, of course. Consequently, you always only need one device for all applications. In this way you benefit from the greatest possible flexibility, fewer order options and significantly reduced inventory holding.

5 series28 series318B series328 series
Great performance in a compact housing for the high-performing and rugged standard detection.

Only available here as a complete set!
One part number, one order placement, lower handling costs, simplified inventory holding.
High-performance photoelectric sensor for many detection tasks, including in hostile industrial environments.Highly functional line of photoelectric sensors in a sturdy plastic enclosure, featuring easy omnimount installation.Extremely rugged photoelectric sensor, with stable stainless-steel threads and a thrifty economical.
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An extra bright light spot significantly eases the alignment of these devices over long distances.

Front and bottom-located M18 hole mounting enables 360° alignment. Side mounting by means of a sturdy screw fitting in integrated nut holders.

The devices are taught by just pressing a simple and easily accessible button – quick, straightforward and absolutely precise.

So safety at work won't become a stumbling block for you


Your sensor business - simpler and more efficient.

Many companies say they are "customer orientated" – at Leuze electronic, we go a step further.

We offer specific and measurable added value in the areas of USABILITY, APPLICATION KNOW-HOW and SERVICE – to help make our customers more successful. These areas are our yardstick for new product developments, innovative service offerings and extensive market expertise.

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