We are your sensor system
for intralogistics

We are committed to being a "smart sensor business", and thereby to simplify your work with and use of innovative sensor technologies. To accomplish this, we focus on our years of experience in intralogistics applications, and specifically tailor our products, solutions and services accordingly.

Leuze electronic provides professional sensor solutions for all intralogistics tasks as a full-service provider

  • Everything from a single source
    • As a leading innovator in the field of optical sensors and a leading manufacturer and solution provider in the field of electrical automation, we provide you with the entire bandwidth of switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, image processing and data transmission solutions as well as components and systems for safety at work.

  • Life Cycle Management
    • With our versatile products, professional services and extensive support, we accompany you during the entire life cycle of the machine - from the development of a machine up to the disassembly and disposal thereof.

  • Reliable delivery capability
    • 22 of our own locations and 42 sales partners ensure that your desired product is available in the right place at the right time. You can obtain the well-tried Leuze electronic quality reliably anywhere and at any time via our logistics network, and solve your automation and work safety tasks efficiently with the innovative devices and systems from the sensor people.

  • Industry know-how
    • Our industry experts are fully focused on the application fields in your focus industry. In this way we can develop solutions which are aimed at the requirements of individual industries and applications. On the other hand, we know precisely the special challenges and process flows of individual industries and can overcome the specific tasks together with our years of experience.

  • Global sales
    • The sensor people are there for you worldwide. You can therefore fall back on the competent advice of a local specialist for optical sensors in electrical automation in all areas of machine and system construction as well as medical engineering.

  • Global service
    • Our technical experts are available to you in any time zone via a 24/7 hotline and a rapid-response on-site service. In this way, we give our customers all over the world the confidence that they can fall back on our product and application know-how at any time. Downtimes are therefore minimized as much as possible, and processes are made more efficient.

You will find our intralogistics expertise in every detail

The right light curtain for every applicationEfficient access guarding without muting sensorsData transmission without bothersome cables
The CML 700i light curtains measure easily and reliably with an integrated control unit and flexibly selectable interfaces - now also with PROFINET.In addition to the control signal provided by PLC, MLC 530 safety light curtains with SPG function also use the interruption of the protective field to enable material transport. The high-performance DDLS 500 data transmission photoelectric sensor is exactly the right solution with 100 Mbit/s real-time transmission in order to reliably transfer all types of data to and from a high-bay storage device.
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Compact sensor technology with the greatest possible function rangeThe right bar code reader for every detection task
Whether retro-reflective photoelectric sensors or diffuse sensors, our extensive product range provides the right solution for all conceivable shuttle applications. Our product family with BCL 300i, 500i, 600i and 900i offers the optimal solution for all requirements through the modular basic design.
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on photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors
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