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For more than 20 years, we have been developing application-specific solutions for laboratory automation, medical and pharmaceutical technologies in the field of identification. In addition to reliability and performance, we place great importance on optimum usability in mounting, setup and operation.

When it comes to the reliable identification of samples in laboratories, zero-error tolerance is essential. All installed code readers need to detect and pass on the relevant codes with absolute reliability, regardless of the technology that is used.

Laboratory analysisDCR 200i code reader

You will find our laboratory analysis expertise in every detail

Sample sortingSample storageSample analysis
The new DCR 200i dual code reader combines ease-of-use with high reading performance for sample collection and identification. Thanks to its large opening angle, the compact CR 100 reads 700 scans/s reliably and quickly with a reading field height of 80 mm, even in constrained spaces. The slim MLC 300 safety light curtains provide cost-effective and space-saving protection from intervention during operation.
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Sample deliveryPoint of Care Carousel
Regardless of whether it is permanently installed or used as a mobile code reader, our extensive range provides the right solution for any situation in which codes need to be identified. The integrated and compact DCR 50 impresses with its special optics system in Point of Care applications, even with extremely small high-density codes. The BCL 20 product family provides a flexible solution due to its modular basic design, and reads up to 3 rows simultaneously.
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We offer you:

  • Our specialists support you worldwide, even during the layout of your application. This saves time and ensures maximum safety.
  • Thanks to our own hardware and software development in the sensor technology center in Owen (Germany), we can quickly respond to customer requirements and ensure long availability of the devices.
  • Our broad product line offers solutions for nearly every application.
  • The delivery capability of our products is guaranteed for the entire service life of your laboratory instrument.