Measuring light curtain
better integration –
faster alignment –
simpler operation.


This light curtain has flexibility INSIDE!

Many weighty arguments speak in favor of the CML 700i measuring light curtains as the better solution for a wide variety of different applications.

Operating conceptPerformance reserve
  • Large, integrated display with bar graph for easy alignment
  • Comprehensive teach-in functions for fast configuration of the sensors
  • 5° beam spread simplifies alignment

  • Fast: Uniquely short cycle times of 10 / 30 μs allow even the fastest processes to be detected reliably
  • Powerful: Operating range up to 8 m
  • Improved detection of transparent media through adjustable sensitivity, e.g., for bottles or clear film
Mounting solutionsInterfaces and evaluation unit
  • Intelligent fastening concept with standard profile, various cable outlets and rotating mounting bracket
  • Minimum dead zone when cascading by using the optional plug outlet on the rear of the device
  • Robust, warp-resistant metal housing

  • Integrated system controller makes additional devices completely unnecessary, saves space, optimizes installation and reduces the number of cables required
  • No additional gateway required
  • Integrated interfaces
  • NEW: Integrated RS485 interface and Modbus RTU protocol for simple connection of the light curtains to the control


Simple and reliable measurement for many applications.

Detection of outside contours


Height measurement


Diverse application possibilities

Optimization of conveyor buffer sections


Contour measurement