Smart is when a great
deal of safety
takes just
a little space !

MSI 400 – compact construction and easy to program.

The new generation of safety control MSI 400 offers efficient solutions for versatile application in machine and system construction. Even the basic module offers 24 I/Os, Ethernet gateway functions and special function blocks, e.g., for use on presses. All MSI 400s can be flexibly extended and, with the license-free MSI.designer configuration software, can be programmed very easily and conveniently.

Together with the Leuze electronic safety sensors, the perfectly matched safety components make complete safety-related automation solutions possible for every machine type.


Safe movement monitoring in mobile and stationary applications

With the MSI 400 safety control, the inputs for safe movement monitoring in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 are already integrated in the base module. The safety controls process pulses from sensors at up to 70 kHz and convert these to speed, angle, position and directional information. These are monitored for the limits required for safe operation:

  • SSR - Safe Speed Range
  • SDI - Safe Direction
  • SLS - Safe Limited Speed
  • SSM - Safe Speed Monitor
  • SLP - Safe Limited Position
  • Safe standstill monitoring
Safe movement monitoring on vehiclesSafe movement monitoring on machines
  • Monitoring of travel speeds for adherence to the application-specific limit values
  • Standstill monitoring at transfer stations
  • Changeover of the protective fields of safety laser scanners for adapting the fields to the driving situation
  • Monitoring of a reduced speed for setup and maintenance mode
  • Monitoring of a defined speed range for adherence to the process limits
  • Safe standstill detection, e.g., for tool changes

Your advantage: Smarter Product Usability

  • Three basic modules
  • Modularly expandable to 168 inputs/outputs
  • Gateway functions
  • Function packages, e.g., for press control
  • Industrial Ethernet protocols
  • Integrated USB and ETH interfaces
  • Fieldbus gateways
    Easy programming
  • Removable program memory
  • Optical function indicator via LED
  • Globally accessible via online diagnosis
  • 300 function blocks per project
  • 4 A wear-free switching power

Program efficiently

The corresponding programming tool, MSI.designer, offers an intuitive working environment: Simple configuration is possible at the click of a mouse.


Quickly reach your goal: with simple configuration, integrated simulation and professional report function.
Test our MSI.designer programming tool.

Version MSI.designer 2.2.1