Foil, cardboard, glass -
coloured, glossy or
Of course we can
detect them!

We develop sensor solutions for all conceivable applications in intralogistics. We develop sensor solutions for all conceivable applications in intralogistics.

Regardless of what you package –
we are sure to have the right sensor!

There exists a near endless variety of packaging and packaging materials. Whether foil, cardboard, glass, paper or metal, glossy or structured, opaque or transparent, we have proven sensor solutions for nearly every application. We place great value on usability during our product development. This also includes the greatest possible flexibility for adapting the devices to rapidly growing requirements without any additional adjustment work.

When it comes to matters related to packaging, you've come to the right place:

  • Extensive product portfolio especially for the packaging industry
  • Decades of application know-how in the entire packaging process for a wide range of industries
  • Competent specialists are always available to answer your questions

++ Three types of our packaging expertise as examples ++

Reliably detect even transparent media
The detection of transparent media is one of the supreme disciplines in sensor technology. With the 3B, 55 and 18B series, we have a whole range of devices in our product line specifically for this purpose.
Quickly detect self-adhesive labels
Regardless of shape, regardless of material, regardless of whether matte or glossy surfaces. With our forked sensors of the 61, 63 and 14 series, we offer a perfect product line for every conceivable application.
Reliably detect arbitrary
print marks

Arbitrary colors of backgrounds and print marks and, in some cases, very small print marks place special demands on the contrast scanners used, such as KRT 3B, KRT 55 and KRT 21.
retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
ultrasonic forked sensor
contrast scanner
  • Calibrated aBEAM optics completely replace time-consuming alignment
  • Integrated threads make mounting particularly simple
  • Precise repeatability thanks to a jitter time of just 40 μs
  • Nickel-plated metal housing is extremely robust and is also ideally suited
    for hygiene applications
  • Easy Teach function for very simple set up of the sensors
  • Large mouth width of 4 mm also enables the detection of
    booklets or foldouts
  • ALC (Auto Level Control) automatically readjusts the sensitivity and ensures maximum
    function reserves
  • High-strength plastic housing with metal threaded sockets
  • Scanning range 9 mm
  • RGB LED light source
  • Response time 33 µs
  • Switching frequency 15 kHz
  • Changeable optics for adapting to the installation conditions
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