all-rounder makes
quality inspection
now even more efficient!

The new measurement function in the LSIS 462i makes possible minimal tolerances and thereby reduces, e.g.,
the scrapping of good parts!


The further development of our LSIS 462i smart camera brings a long-desired addition to the already extensive range of functions. The new version of our top product can now also measure and is, thus, the best and – thanks to its attractive price – the most efficient solution for many applications.

NEW measurement function NEW measurement function
  • NEW measurement function
    facilitates efficient use in entirely new applications.
  • WebConfig software
    accelerates and simplifies commissioning and error diagnostics.
  • Eight inputs and outputs
    facilitate control without a PC via hardware inputs.
  • Three functions
    in one device (BLOB analysis, code reading, measurement through edge scanning).
  • Integrated illumination
    makes additional illumination unnecessary in most cases.
  • M12 connection technology
    simplifies electrical connection and prevents errors.
  • Function extension
    ■ New reading gate control for automatic object detection which can be used to help easily solve inspection and reading tasks, even while in motion.
    ■ Automatic adjustable focal position and illumination for simplified commissioning.

Technical Data LSIS 462i

The new LSIS 462i – three solutions in one product!

Label inspectionContour inspectionEdge counting
Detection of label presence as well as measurement of the distances
and angles.
Detection of a minimum or maximum deviation of a machined surface.Count detectable edges
and, thus, check for

e.g., quality assurance and scrap minimization

e.g., inspect a tire tread

e.g., inspect packaging units

An entire family of smart cameras for every purpose.

All models of this family of smart cameras convince through clever detail solutions and a consistent operating concept.
  • Numerous, integrated interfaces
  • Simple mounting via dovetail or threaded hole
  • Large, easy-to-read display
LSIS 412i LSIS 422i

  • Detect with BLOB analysis
  • Presence and completeness monitoring
  • Detection of type, position and orientation
Technical Data

  • Detection with code reader
  • Omnidirectional, static or in motion
  • Reference code comparison function
Technical Data