For us, it's simply
more operating range
for you, it's 80% more
function reserve!

Because your system needs to run!


With large operating ranges of up to 150 m and many technical highlights, the new sensor family of the 46C series offers up to 80% more function reserve and thereby ensures maximum system availability. In all areas of conveyor and storage technology, the extensive device family scores with a number of new or improved functions, such as improved ambient light suppression A2LS or automatic performance optimization in the event of contamination.

Function reserve has a name – the new 46C series

Compact and robust, with innovative technology and large range of features. The further-developed sensors of the 46C series are the ideal type of standard sensor for nearly all requirements and environmental conditions.

Does your sensor need to cover large operating ranges?

Thanks to its larger function reserve, the compact sensor covers nearly all requirements at a range of up to 150 m.

Are you already familiar with the performance and value of our 46B and 96 Series?

The new devices of the 46C series are the further development of the successful 46B and 96 series.

Does your sensor need to detect reliably even in the event of soiling?

With degree of protection IP 67 or IP 69K as well as automatic performance optimization, the sensors detect very reliably even in rough environmental conditions.

Significantly more performance at an economical price – sound impossible?

Request a sample unit to test.

Top products for positioning

HT 46C
light scanner with background suppression
protective throughbeam photoelectric sensor
RK 46C VarOS
reflection light scanner
Reliable differentiation between object and background with fine adjustmentFor maximum functional reliability and efficient machine safeguardingFlexible and variable detection with light-band optics
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