Sometimes it's
simply a matter of
the right power!

High performance means functional reliability!


Even in times of constant increases in efficiency, the old rule "the more the better" holds true. Especially when it comes to, e.g., a reduction in system failures with increasing soiling, large operating ranges or the reliable detection of special materials, more power also always means more performance reserve and, thus, more reliability. For these areas of application in particular, we have a range of solutions on hand that use more power to help provide more success.

One sensor for 20 V to 250 V – The new 49c series

Great emphasis was placed on flexibility and reliability during the development of the SR 49C. An innovative housing design with terminal compartment at the front as well as a number of technical details make mounting, alignment and operation simple and stand for our claim of easyhandling for all devices.

Does your sensor need to function reliably to -40 °C?

The new plastic housing and the optional optics heating also
facilitate use in extreme temperatures, e.g., outdoors.

Does your sensor need to be easy to wire from the front?

With the innovative terminal compartment
on the front of the sensor,
mounting is no problem, even in
constricted spaces or in corners.

Does your sensor need to detect reliably even in the event of soiling?

Automatic sensitivity adjustment (ALC)
automatically readjusts the sensor
and prompts for cleaning
before the system fails.

Do you want to use your sensors flexibly, even over long cable lengths?

The sensor operates in a voltage range from 20 V to 250 V with range-independent
performance adaptation and can, thus, even be used over long distances to the PLC.

Top products for increasing efficiency

retro-reflective photoelectric sensor
IS 212
inductive switch
SR 49C
photoelectric sensor
The new AC / DC 49C series with a voltage range from 20 V to 250 V for distances of up to 24 m and front terminal compartment for lower space requirements.Cylindrical AC / DC sensor with
an operating range of 10 mm for the reliable detection of metal objects that cannot, or can only with difficulty, be detected using optical means.
Transmitter / receiver device models with an operating range of up to 120 m for special areas of application.
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