Diffuse sensors with background suppression

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These diffuse sensors with precise adjustment via multiturn potentiometer are designed for particularly reliable switching and can be used on nearly any background. Other models are optimized for highly-glossy and structured objects as well as the detection of grids and gaps.

HRTL 55 / HRTR 55

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Depending on the design, these sensors offer a large range or small light spots for the reliable detection of even glossy, structured objects. Models with elongated light spot for transparent objects or objects with openings are also available for delivery. A model with V-optics for polished object surfaces is also available.

  • Enclosed optics design prevents bacterial carry-overs
  • ECOLAB and CleanProof+ tested
  • Scratch resistant and non-diffusive plastic front cover
  • Exact range adjustment via 8-turn potentiometer
  • Very good black/white behavior and reliable switching, even on glossy objects and objects with colored structure
  • Small, homogeneous light spot for detecting small parts
  • A²LS – Active Ambient Light Suppression
  • High switching frequency for detection of fast events