Component identification in assembly


Final mounting


Quality control

Business sectors

Automotive industry

LSIS 422i smart camera

  • Code reader for Data Matrix codes (ECC 200) and all industry-standard bar codes
  • Built-in decoder, also for inverse or reflected codes
  • Omnidirectional reading even on quickly moving objects
  • Multiple code reading
  • Assessment of code quality
  • Motorized adjustment of focus position
  • RS 232 and Ethernet interface
  • Easy configuration via web interface
  • Integrated illumination with segmented control

LSIS 122i smart camera

  • Very small and compact reader for labeled 2D-codes and bar codes
  • High resolution
  • For reading on static or slowly moving objects
  • Trigger via serial command or switching input
  • Integrated switching output
  • Built-in decoder
  • RS 232 or USB interface
  • PROFINET via MA248i

BCL 548i bar code readers

  • Line scanner, raster scanner or oscillating-mirror scanner
  • Code reconstruction technology
  • Large depth of field
  • Large reading field width
  • PROFINET with switch technology
  • M12 connection technology
  • Easy configuration via web interface
  • Display