Transport-path safeguarding for driver-less transportation systems and side-tracking skates


Driver-less transportation systems / side-tracking skates


Machine protection / collision prevention, Danger area safeguarding, Dimension, contour, volume

Business sectors

Conveyor and storage systems

ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanner

  • MotionMonitoring function package for transportation path safeguarding, protective field up to 6.25 m, warning field 15 m
  • Type 3, SILCL 2, PL d
  • Arbitrary protective and warning field contours configurable
  • 8 different protected field pairs, protected field switchover during operation possible (state-/speed-dependent)
  • Distance measurement for positioning
  • Compact design and low current consumption
  • Automatic configuration in case of device exchange with the intelligent device plug ConfigPlug